"Kucing" means "CAT" in Indonesian and Malaysian language.
Same sound as “La Kucing” in Japanese language, means simple and easy to do something.
Whether you are busy or not, skin care is necessary for everyday,
We want to provide comfortable and relaxation time like a cat for you by using “La Kucing”,
These are our mind to make “La Kucing”.


Is Blue light really the enemy of your skin!?

Now is the time to protect your skin not only UV, but also Blue light.
Now some studies are saying that blue light is worse than ultraviolet rays for your skin.
The blue ligh blocking glasses are not enough anymore for your skin!We need to take care our skin from blue light.


  • Using your smart phone on your bed until you sleep.
  • Working in front of screen in your office whole day.
  • Now considered an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Changed home lighting to LED
  • Protecting your skin only from the ultraviolet rays.
  • Screen light

  • LED light

  • Smartphone light

Some studies said

blue light

will penetrate deeper skin and break your cells who make collagen, Elastin, hyaluronic acid.

Those material make your skin firm and moist so that if you lose them bagging or lines will come up on your face.
And then it may make your face get hyperpigmentation. Such a enemy to our skins!!

It's not enough to protect your skin only from the ultraviolet rays.
Without appropriate skin care you may get some troubles on your skin.

Now is the time to protect your skin!=La Kucing

"La Kucing" will protect your skin from blue lights and ultraviolet rays as well.
It will lead busy woman like you to take care your skin WITH EASY STEP (it say "Rakuchin" in Japanese).

It will moisturize your skin enough as the ALL IN ONE cream after washing your face off!
It will work as serum, face lotion, toner and even cream to protect face from damages
by blue light and ultraviolet rays as all-in-one skin care products.
It's a perfect one for busy woman like you. Let's get beautiful skin.

Organic beauty ingredients

1. Bilberry Leaf Extract

Protecting your skin from blue light. Preventing wrinkles, sagging on your face.

2. Geranium Robertianum Extract

Protecting ultraviolet rays. Improve your skin in tirm and tightness.

3. Rive Bran Extract

Preventing melanin production by blue light. Avoiding spots on your face.

4. Sake Lees Extract

Treating your flaky skin. Improve your skin in moisture and tight.

Osmotic Fermentation Collagen

※Comparing with Hydrolyzed collagen (unfermentated)

Hyaluronic Acid Production-Promoting Action(%)

Fermentating Osmotic Fermentation Collagen by Koji-mold and lactobacillus, effect of Moisturising get about 1.5 times and effect of Antioxidant get about 83 times.

La Kucing was made out of Osmotic Fermentation Collagen which has a more strong moisturising, getting tight and antiaging effect than usual skin care products.

Softly cleansing dirt and keeping moist.

1,800yen(Tax excluded)

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Protecting from ultraviolet rays and blue light in day time, preventing skin troubles.

La Kucing ALL in OneMNG 50g
2,600yen(Tax excluded)

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Recovering damage from ultraviolet rays and blue light in day time.

La Kucing ALL in OneNGT 50g
2,600yen(Tax excluded)

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