La Kucing beauty ingredients

Made of Osmotic Fermentation Collagen!
Moisturized your bare skin!

Fermentation makes original Collagen 1.5 times more powerful in moisturising and 83 times powerful Antioxidant.
We made new skin care product made of the "Osmotic Fermentation Collagen" which is better than original collagen!

Organic beauty ingredients

Bilberry Leaf Extract

Protecting your skin from blue light. Preventing wrinkles, saggy on your face.

Himefuuro extract

Protecting ultraviolet rays. Improve your skin in tirm and tightness.

Rice Bran Extract

Preventing melanin production by blue light.
Avoiding spots on your face.

Sake Lees Extract

Treating flaky skin. Improve your skin in moisture and tight.

"La Kucing" care always make your skin moisturized.
Protecting your skin with Organic beauty ingredients.

You can keep your skin moisturized without feeling stiff on your face because La Kucing REMOVER and All in One were made of organic beauty ingredients.
They avoid damage from blue light and ultraviolet rays and keep better condition even while you are sleeping.

La Kucing remove your makeup WITH EASY STEP (it say "Rakuchin" in Japanese).

You can use this for facial wash morning and night as well.

You can remove your makeup without scrubbing off your face.
Osmotic Fermentation Collagen makes your face moisturized without making your face tight or stiff.
"La Kucing" treatment deals with damages from blue light as well.


1,800yen(tax excluded)


Artificial coloring-freeMineral oil-freeAlcohol-free

How to use

One bottle two roles! Clensing and facial cleaner. You can wash your face even you have eyelash extensions, morning and at night as well.
You can moisture your face without feeling tight or stiff.

Please apply "La Kucing" to where you want to remove your makeup.
※Around 3 to 4 pushses

Please apply "La Kucing" to your makeup or your dirty spots on your face like in a rubbing motion.
※Gently rubbing in a circular motion.

Please wash away with cold or lukewarm water.
※Individual results may vary in effect.
※The purpose of this product is not making moisturizing but cleansing.

La Kucing All in One gel as easy treatment.

You can finish taking care of your skin by only one action.

It includes face lotion, serum, face cleanser, and cream as well.
You don't need to spend time for face treatment so much.
It's for busy woman like you!It includes face lotion, serum, face cleanser, and cream as well.

La Kucing ALL in One MNG 50g

La Kucing ALL in One FOR MORNING

2,600yen(tax excluded)


Artificial coloring-free Mineral oil-free Alcohol-free Petroleum surfactant Free

You can charge moist on your skin even early morning.
"La Kucing" will avoid those damages from ultraviolet rays and blue light.
Let's start "Rakuchin" lifestyle with "La kucing".("Rakuchin" means "with easy step" in Japanese)

La Kucing ALL in One NGT 50g

La Kucing ALL in One FOR NIGHT

2,600yen(tax excluded)


Artificial coloring-free Mineral oil-free Alcohol-free Petroleum surfactant Free

Skin care treatment moisturized and healthy by "La Kucing" at night!
You can care for your skin which is working hard all day.
Caring your skin even whole sleeping.

How to use

Please open the cap after open the cover and take off spatula.
Take the small amount of gel.

Please put the gel on your hand and put the spatula and cap back.
Please pay attention not to touch your hand on the gel directly in order to keep it clean.

Please rub around slowly from some dry points on your face to whole face.
Without scrubbing carefully penetrate it on your face by using your whole hands.

"La Kucing" treatment two times a day, once in the morning and night.

morning:After washing your face morning
night:After showering

Please take some gel on your hand by spatula which is an accessory.
Rub it around on your skin for around 30 seconds after spreading it out in your hands.

Refreshing scent of bergamot

Bergamot has refreshing scent like citrus fruits.
The scent will energize you in the morning and heal you at night.

  • ・It's more effective to worm your hands before using this products.
  • ・Please carefully penetrate it with your hands' press at end after spreading out whole face.
  • ・It's OK for you to reapply where you want again.
  • ・Please make sure your hands are dry when you use it.

Please pay attention your skin condition like some damages or some troubles before using this products.
Please don't use this when you have some troubles on your skin like damage, scratches, swelling or rash etc...
Please discuss with your personal doctor when you get any troubles on your skin using this product.