Terms of Service

This Terms of Use was detemined by KOKI Company Limited ("The Company") for defining the Terms of Use of our service on this website.

1. Apply

  • 1) This Terms of Use apply to all relationships between all user and our company in our services.
  • 2) This Company can decide This Terms and also other Rules for all user(we call Rules). This Rules will be the part of this Terms of Use regardless how we call.
  • 3) The Rule will have priority over The Terms of Use without mentioning something special on it when The Rule and The Terms of Use has contradiction within.

2. Prohibited Matters

The following shall be prohibited in the use of Service by the Customer.

  • 1) Any act that violates or is likely to violate public order or social code of ethics, and law.
  • 2) Any criminal act, or any deed or action that is likely to lead to a criminal act.
  • 3) Any act that may infringe on the copyrights, trademark rights, and other Intellectual property rights held by us like our contents of our services.
  • 4) Any act for the purpose of breaking or disturbing other users', third parties' or our server or network functions.
  • 5) Any act for commercial gain, or for the purpose of preparing for such activity, that makes use of the Services.
  • 6) Any act for disturbing or being likely to disturb our service operation.
  • 7) Any act for unauthorized access and attempting unauthorized access.
  • 8) Any act for collecting personal data about other users.
  • 9) Any act for using our service with inappropriate purpose.
  • 10)Any act that is not in the interest of, or that causes damages or is likely to cause damages, to other users, third parties or us.
  • 11)Any acts to pretend other user.
  • 12)Any acts to promote, advertise or induce to others without our permission.
  • 13)Any acts for dating.
  • 14)Any acts to give any merit directly or indirectly for anti-social forces connected our services.
  • 15)Other acts we deem inappropriate.

3. Service Disruption or Suspension

1) We shall be able to suspend or disrupt management of all or part of the Services if any of the following applies:

  • 1) In the event of routine or emergency maintenance and inspection of the system providing the Services.
  • 2) When the Services cannot be provided by us due to force majeure like Natural disaster, including earthquake, Lightning strike, fire, power failure etc.
  • 3) When the Services cannot be provided because of some accident in communication line etc.
  • 4) When we decide to be difficult to offer our service

2) We shall not bear any responsibility for damages incurred by the Customer or third parties due to disruption or suspension of the Services, regardless of the reason.

4. Modification of Application

We can make changes to This Terms of Use at any time without prior notice to the member when we decide that we need.
We deal with all users which started using our website after those changes as those who agreed with our new Terms of Use which has changed.

5. Personal Information

We shall correctly handle the Customer's personal information which we collected, in accordance with the "Privacy Policy" established separately.

6. Notice or Inform

We will notice or contact with our user by the way we decide. We deal with those address which users registered as available one. We will try to notice or contact to the address and we recognize it as reaching to user already when we sent.

7. Prohibited Transfer of Right and Duty

User can not transfer your positions which this Terms of Use decided, your rights and duties based upon this Terms of Use to third parties or offering them as collateral.